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Looking for a DOT DMV Physical Exam, CDL Physical Exam, or a School Bus Driver Physical and you live in Morris, Warren and Sussex counties or in New Jersey? Dr. Gollapudi office offers:

Dr. Devi P. Gollapudi, MD has been in practice since 1996 and has performed MANY DOT physicals. Dr. Gollapudi has extensive knowledge of the DOT Physical exam guidelines. He performs DOT Physical Exams for independent drivers and offer special pricing to local and national motor carriers. Trained & Certified by the FMCSA Ensuring the safety of drivers. Under the new Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations all medical examiners performing DOT DMV Driver physicals must be trained and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Dr. Gollapudi is proud to announce that is certified under the new regulations. Under the new regulations the following will be reviewed during the physical exam:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Digestion
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Lung, liver, kidney, and nervous system health
  • Muscular disease or weakness
  • Vision acuity
  • Previous or recent injuries and illnesses
  • Heart disorders Hearing disorders Respiratory issues.

    What do I need for a DOT physical exam?


    Things To Prepare For Your Appointment

  • Make sure to continue taking your prescribed medications as usual.
  • Wear loose clothing for the physical exam.
  • Don’t use the restroom just before your appointment. You will need to give a small urine sample for a kidney screen. This is not for a drug test.

  • Things You Must Bring To Your Appointment

  • Your valid driver’s license and /or other photo ID.
  • Eye glasses or contact lenses, if applicable. If you recently had an eye exam it would be helpful, but not necessary, to bring that exam report with you.
  • A working hearing aid, if applicable.
  • List of medications, and the name and contact information of the prescribing doctor.
  • Medical release opinion letter (get template) from your primary doctor or specialist for any medical conditions being treated, or recent illness, injury, or surgery.
  • Current FMCSA Waiver or Exemption Certificate or Skills Performance Evaluation if applicable.

  • What To Expect During The Examination

    The doctor will review your health history with you.
    Conduct a thorough physical examination.
    Run a urine screen (dip-stick test) for urine specific gravity, urine protein, urine blood, and urine sugar, to check for the onset of possible disqualifying medical conditions.

    How Long Is A DOT Medical Card Good For?

  • 2 years – If you meet all the FMCSA DOT Regulations for Commercial Driver Fitness.
  • A limited time, usually 1 year or 6 months, if periodic monitoring is required for certain medical conditions.
  • • A limited time, usually a 1 to 3 month window, if you have a recently diagnosed condition that you are working with your primary care doctor to get under control.
  • • Disqualified. A medical condition or medication may cause your medical card to be disqualified until the disqualifying conditions are rectified.